Sunday, March 15, 2009

The view was so breathtaking at seven in the morning.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This was Andrew's rendition of my original chip board. It was so wonderful!! The chip board was cut up and made into a box and a halogen light bub was added because the way I had painted the chip board reminded him of water and just flow.

It's funny because the way he thinks artistically is so different from the way I do.

It's so lovely! It made me really happy, and he let me have it.

And since I had Colin;s piece.... this is what his looked like. His was a performance piece, instead of painting over the original chip oard, he bought another one and sat on top of them with a sheet over him.

and my end result with the functionality of a book.
So here's the cover.

And the outside.

acrylic, watered down gesso, sheet music, and fabric were my additions.

Monday, March 9, 2009

This is a piece I did for my Elements of Visual Thinking class.

Everyone bought a 30x40in chip board and an oil bar, we layed the boards out as a grid (17 of them) and drew whatever we want, wrote whatever we want, did whatever we wanted with these boards until our oil bar sticks ran out.

The result wasn't how I had imagined it.

But everyone took a board home and recreated it into their own art pieces. So this is mine. There are still hints of the oil bar peeking through all the acrylic paint.

After we brought it to class, we took someone else's by picking a number.

Andrew has mine, I'll take a picture and post his result.

This project is based on a reading by Roland Barthes "Death of the Author."